Our Sneakers

At Mathlesape, all of our sneakers have been worn, then carefully cleaned and reconditioned. This special attention allows us to offer you very attractive prices. Opt for quality at unbeatable prices with our refurbished sneakers at Mathlesape!

Pants at low prices

one goal

At Mathlesape, our goal is clear: to revolutionize fashion by offering affordable alternatives while fighting against the harmful effects of fast fashion. We are determined to make quality clothing accessible to everyone without sacrificing the planet. Faced with the frenzy of fast fashion, we offer a sustainable approach, favoring second hand to reduce waste and promote an eco-responsible style. Join us in our mission for accessible, conscious and environmentally friendly fashion.

the dark side of fast fashion

Fast fashion, due to its rapid production and low costs, places considerable pressure on the environment and working conditions. This frantic race to produce low-cost clothing contributes massively to textile waste and the depletion of natural resources. At the same time, workers in the textile industry often face precarious conditions. At Mathlesape, we choose to break this destructive cycle. Our commitment to second hand is not just an alternative, it is a conscious choice for fashion that minimizes its impact on the planet and favors ethical working conditions. Join us in supporting fashion that respects the environment and the people who create it.


Faced with the challenges of fast fashion, sustainable solutions
are essential. Opting for second-hand brands, like Mathlesape, represents an eco-responsible alternative. By choosing pre-loved clothing, you help reduce the demand for excess production and reduce textile waste. Additionally, the second-hand purchasing process promotes sustainability by extending the life of already existing clothing. It is a concrete way to oppose fast fashion and to promote fashion that is more respectful of the planet. Join us in this sustainable approach for fashion that makes a difference.

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